Channel 4 TV crew setting up at Park House
Ian and Joan get the close-up treatment
Filming was in July and Ian and Joan had to travel the length of the country from Dumfries to Cornwall.  Park House was visited by all the other contestants, who made their comments and ratings known on their own score cards.

Each couple then paid what they thought that their overnight stay was worth and placed the money into an envelope.

After all the B&Bs had been visited, the score cards were reviewed and the cash earned was counted, Park House came out as the clear winner.
Park House wins Channel 4's 'Four In A Bed' competition.
In 2015 Channel 4 TV asked Ian and Joan, owners of Park House B&B, to take part in their well known 'Four In A Bed' programme.

Followers of this programme will know that the  format involves four sets of owners of bed and breakfast businesses.  All the contestants stay at each B&B in turn and rate it for cleanliness, quality of service, excellence in food, and value for money.
Ian and Joan prepare for the Pony Show
The Pony Show
Each couple had to provide some form of event or entertainment and Joan and Ian elected to have a mini Pony show, using the Shetland Ponies from their own stables. (Cosmore Stud).

Each couple were given a pony to prepare, and after which they paraded around the small enclosure.
A local and independant judge was asked to evaluate their efforts, and rosettes were issued to all.

Ian and Joan came a respectable second in the show, which was only fair as they took the top prize for the best B&B.
Joan and Ian with their Mare and Foal under the Judge's eye.
The Winners' plaque
Signage outside Park House
Park House has also been awarded Five Stars for hygeine and kitchen cleanliness, and the star rating is proudly displayed at the entrance.
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